A middle aged lady — about 45 or so I’d say, begs the men lifting her husband’s remains to let her have a last look at his face. To let her show it to her kid who’s on a video call, sitting in Bangalore, probably frozen in place by fear as his father suffered, and succumbed to Covid in Durgapur, West Bengal.

They don’t budge. The body remains in its zippered bag — almost like a suit bag, the kind you put away your special tailored suits in, only to realize ten years down that they don’t fit anymore.


A story not about the past or the present, but of the future

We’ve all read the heart breaking stories of people losing loved ones, and entire families being wiped out due to COVID. This is not about that. Its a story about loss, anger & rage, and the future.

You do need to know where this rage stems from, and how the future shall be changed. For change, it must.

I lost a loved one, a mentor, father figure, a doctor who refused to give up on his patients, and continued serving them, in what they called the first…

I penned the following words for my colleagues here at University18, and am putting out a version for everyone out there, working from home — the #WorkFromHomeWarriors

I hope these words find you and your loved ones well.

It’s been quite a challenging couple of months, and in all the faceless statistics and numbers that we see everyday in the papers, its become hard to keep in mind that behind those numbers are people losing their dads and moms, sons, wives, husbands , children.. every day, every hour. Covid-19 takes its victims, and leaves behind a void in people’s lives…

The People have Spoken.

PM Narendra Modi shall continue to be our Prime Minister for the next 5 years, steering the Nation through the turn of the decade.

In the run up to the Elections, Ravish Kumar of NDTV did a particularly fine job of portraying the ills that trouble our country’s education system, especially focusing on the millions of unemployed youth struggling against all odds to secure a ‘Naukri’. Not just another ‘Naukri’ mind you, it HAS to be a ‘Sarkari’ one.

One could of course argue that this is due to the unavailability of jobs in the organized sector for educated, qualified…

Raunak Singh Ahluwalia

Dad,Husband,Son, Entrepreneur, Bossman@university18in — A Sikh by faith, Indian by Identity. Globalist. 41 yrs on this planet & the plot is still being written.

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